About Us

Agro-Invest is:

  • A developed automated production process allowing to supply the European-level-quality pork, chicken, beef to the market.
  • We have International Enterprise Identification Number: UA 131625.
  • equipped chilling rooms and air blast freezers where the meat can be stored without losing its quality.
  • we select practical packaging to meet our customer’s needs:
  • vacuum or individual packaging, cardboard boxes and units;
  • we cooperate with such freight giants as Maersk and CMA Group, which allows us to deliver our products to any corner of the globe as quickly as possible;
  • we assure absolute transparency.
  • We send you photo reports on every stage of our cooperation:
  • photos of fresh and frozen meat, empty shipping containers, and freights ready for delivery;
  • refrigerator trucks that assure stable temperature for meat during transportation;
  • a lot of loyal customers who have chosen us to be their main supplier of the primary products.

We know how to assure high quality of meat. This is our main aim. That is why our products:

  • Are made of finely selected meat that we buy at the best Ukrainian farms
  • Undergo all needed certification including veterinary health certification, which speaks volumes about the quality
  • The biggest range of fresh, chilled, and frozen beef, pork, chicken, and by-products
  • Look appealing people love our products at first sight

When running our business, we try to be in line with our European colleagues; so every stage of our company’s work, from buying raw materials to delivery for a customer, is tuned up to run perfectly. Still, we think there is no limit to perfection.

We constantly improve production process, expand our product range, and offer additional services for our customers. Working with us is not only beneficial, but also comfortable you won’t need to worry about anything, we’ll take care about everything. All you need is just to place your order and receive the product on time.

Agro-Invest means products eligible for the European market, completely equipped production process, attractive prices, and care of every customer.